CHECK&STRIPE my favorite 私の好きな服 ~ Japanese Sewing Book ~ SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA

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Kindly note that all instructions are in Japanese.

In this book, the author features 10 people from various fields and tries to faithfully recreate their “favorite clothes” as much as possible.

The 10 people include:
1. Hiroko Arai (Dansko)
2. Yukiko Ishimura (Kuruminoki)
3. Naho Kawamura (sahanji+)
4. Yukiko Goto (hal)
5. Midori Takahashi (tamiser table)
6. Shiho Nakashima (foodmood)
7. Izumi Hada (graphic designer)
8. Kaori Hikida (Gallery fève)
9. Mayumi Yoshida (sabita)
10. Hiromi Osawa (LULU)

★Tuck blouse (C&S premium half linen, white)
★Tuck dress (C&S sunny days cotton, blue, Liberty print Deckchair Daze 21AT blue)
★Stand collar yoke dress (C&S my favorite cotton, greige)
★Sleeveless dress (C&S cotton poplin gingham check, green)
★Cape blouse (C&S cotton lawn, lamitié white)
★Back button pullover (Liberty print Jo Lee 05A colorful, C&S cotton silk wrinkle black)
★Tapered tuck pants (C&S sunny days stripe blue and white, C&S cotton silk wrinkle black)
★One-piece jumpsuit (half linen for going out, greige)
★Sailor collar blouse (C&S cotton silk lavage white)
★Scallop wrap skirt (C&S cotton poplin white) *only the scallop portion has a pattern
★Open collar dress (Liberty print Patrick Gordon VE light grey)
★V-neck jumper skirt (C&S natural cotton HOLIDAY navy, C&S wool mafieux light beige)
★Sleeveless blouse (C&S natural cotton HOLIDAY military khaki, Liberty print Small Sus WE green)
★Standard chinos (C&S chino cloth beige)
★V-neck dress (C&S linen primavera pink lavender) ○Work apron (artisan cotton wide, white)
★One-piece coat (C&S gentle linen antique white, linen wool black)

This book comes with full-size pattern, with diagrams on the instruction page. Includes women’s sizes in S, M, and L.

Title: CHECK&STRIPE my favorite 私の好きな服
ISBN: 978-4-391-15712-3
No. of pages: 96
Publisher: 主婦と生活社 SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA
Date of publication: 2022年5月26日

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All photos courtesy of 主婦と生活社 SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA.

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