Sewing Pattern Studio【型紙】ガウチョパンツ (Gaucho Pants) ~ Japanese Sewing Pattern ~ Boutique Sha



Sewing Pattern Studio【型紙】ガウチョパンツ (Gaucho Pants) by Boutique Sha

Loose-fitting and easy to wear. But these gaucho trousers also hide the areas of concern well and make you look good. They are also functional with pockets. We have devised a way to make them easy to sew. The waist belt has elastic tape running through it only at the back, making them easy to make and wear, and they also look great around the waist. If made from a thicker material, it gives an elegant impression.  If made from linen, dungarees or light denim, it is a perfect item for everyday use. In winter, it can be made from wool. By changing the material, you can enjoy this design all year round.

Kindly note that all instructions are in Japanese.  Please refer to size chart provided and select your correct size.

Title: Sewing Pattern Studio【型紙】ガウチョパンツ (Gaucho Pants)
Item No: SB-0015
Size: S・M ・L ・LL
Publisher:  Boutique Sha (ブティック社)

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All photos courtesy of Boutique Sha (ブティック社).

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